NEURO BALANCE offers help to people struggling with stress, emotional disorder, addictions, depression
and other mental problems. We help children With learning problems, youth With an excess of emotion, adult
in managing stress a seniors In remaining still intellectually active.
At Neuro Balance, we offer different therapy options depending on your needs:


Grafika mózgu

Training of cognitive abilities and self-regulation with EEG Biofeedback

Trainings to increase cognitive abilities, reduce stress, improve memory, creativity. Influencing the ability to deal with emotions.

Grafika płuc

Stress Management Training with Respiratory Biofeedback (HRV/RSA)

An amazing method for learning to use the breath to manage emotional states and deal with stress. Read more

Grafika ramienia

Muscle relaxation training with EMG Biofeedback

EMG measures the surface electrical activity of muscles. It is used min in relaxation training to teach conscious muscle relaxation.

Grafika ramienia

Physiological response management training with SC Biofeedback

Combined with other sensors, it is used to diagnose the body's response to stress. It can be used for relaxation teachings.

Grafika termometru

Relaxation training with temperature Biofeedback

A method for learning to regulate the temperature change response during stressful situations. Also used to learn how to cope with stress.

Stress management training with the Stress Control program

A modern type of training that uses knowledge of how the human body reacts to stress. Provides an opportunity to learn how to manage somatic responses to mental changes occurring in the body. The training aims to change the patterns of responding in crisis situations learned over the years from destructive patterns to stress management skills.

Improve sports performance with Reaction Time Training

Training used in sports to improve performance. Supports learning to react faster to stimuli. Provides the opportunity to reduce reaction time, for example, during takeoff.

Treing for Autists with HEG Band.

Training constructed for autistics and people with ADHD. The training uses a special band that tests the amount of oxygenated blood in the frontal lobe.


Transcranial direct current stimulation is a method that allows stimulation of specific areas of the brain affecting neuronal activity. Non-invasive and painless method supporting recovery from many diseases, including mental and neurological diseases


Eye movement exercises used min. in learning to read
and recovery from strokes.

  • Attention and looking
  • Discovering and playing
  • Choosing and learning

Music therapy

Deep Cell Music Therapy is a holistic method of recovery based on physics and the scientific study of music and sound. As everyone has heard in physics classes, a sound wave has a certain frequency. One of the most famous experiments confirming the effect of sound on water is that of Professor Masaru Emoto, whose research showed how water crystals change under the influence of different types of music. Read more about Professor Emoto and his research on water crystals here.

Another person who has worked on frequency research is Dr. Barbara Hero. Dr. Hero was involved in physics, mathematics, art and music. She was also a writer. She proved in her research that every organ in the body has a specific frequency of health and one only needs to tune into it to achieve balance and be healthy. This process can be done by using the sounds coming from camertones (as we already know, every sound wave has a certain frequency). For more information about Dr. Barbara Hero's research, please visit here.

Fabien Maman has proven the positive effect of the sound wave of the C major scale on the breakdown of cancer cells. Their disintegration occurs because cancer cells are unable to tune into the frequency of health. On the basis of these and other studies, Dr. Barbara Angel (Romanowska) developed a method of working with sound using specially tuned camertones. Dr. Barbara Angel is the author of books on Deep Cell Music Therapy (MDK). The method has been used in Poland and America for years. In Poland, thanks to the work of Dr. Barbara Angel, the method was recommended by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science and the author was accredited to conduct certification courses for Therapists of the method. The sound wave of the camertones penetrates the cells and tunes (converts) the disharmonies existing there to its optimal state.

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