Zdjęcie przedstawiające Aleksandrę

About me

Alexandra, neurotherapist

I am a Biofeedback therapist and a psychology student. I chose the specialty of Neuropsychology because of the great possibilities of work
with people that this field of knowledge offers. I am interested in the possibilities of the human mind, the impact of emotions on physical and mental health, work
With brainwaves.
I approach work
With a human being in a holistic approach (a combination of body, mind and Soul).
I am constantly developing to be able to best understand people and offer the highest quality of therapy.

When working with clients, I combine knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, psychobiology and deep cell music therapy. In some cases, I also recommend psychotherapy, working with emotions through the body using the Lowen method or, for example, visiting an osteopath. I work with children, adults and the elderly.

German, English, Polish

Completed courses

  • EEG- Biofeedback 1st degree
  • EEG- Biofeedback Level II
  • HRV/RSA respiratory biofeedback
  • Stress Control

  • tDCS Transcranial Stimulation
  • Hemo-electroencelography
  • Deep Cell Music Therapy

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