Vision and mission


Developing the capabilities of the human mind by working with brainwaves through neurotechnology and holistic therapies.



I help people achieve inner balance and support the development of their potential.



Quality, responsibility, passion, ambition, love for people.

For whom?

Nowadays, we are all overloaded with information, learning more and more, we stress we are running faster and faster between responsibilities. The world is rushing forward forgetting that the human body needs hundreds of thousands of years to evolve and catch up with the demands placed on us by the present.
NEURO BALANCE offers help to people struggling with stress, emotional disorder, addictions, depression and other mental problems. We help children With learning problems, youth With an excess of emotion, adult in managing stress a seniors In remaining still intellectually active.
People without cognitive deficits and mental health problems can benefit from sessions Peak Performance, which will improve functioning in a selected area such as language learning.

Number of training sessions and training planning

The number of training meetings depends on the type of problem identified, the purpose of the training, the level of sophistication and length of occurrence, as well as the individual's aptitude for learning.

Typically, sessions are planned:

  • Short-term (10-20 times)
    In the case of:  

    • sleep disorders
    • improving cognitive functions
    • relaxation training with breathing
  • Medium-term (20-50 times)
    In the case of:

    • ADHD
    • Asperger's syndrome
    • Autism
    • Dyslexia
    • emotional disorders
  • Long-term (from 50 times)
    In the case of:
    • aphasia
    • epilepsies
    • cerebral palsy
    • Tourettes Syndrome

What does the session look like?

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Trainings

Special sensors are mounted on the body (on the head, on the fingers, on the diaphragm) , which read information and send themselves to the device. Information from the body is usually presented in the form of graphs.

Depending on the training session, one to several sensors are used. Favorite media can be included to add variety to selected workouts.

Transcranial tDCS stimulation

A cap with electrodes (+ and -) is placed on the head. The therapist sets the appropriate session parameters on the computer. During the session, it is a good idea to sit comfortably, relax and let the device work for you.

Deep Cell Music Therapy

A holistic method confirmed by scientific research. For this therapy, special camertones are used, with which the therapist "plays" near the client's body. 

The sound wave affects the structures of water, of which the (various sources state in 80-90%) human body is composed.

Equipment, programs and therapeutic tools

At Neuro Balance, we work with the highest quality equipment for both testing, diagnosis and therapy.

BioGraph Infiniti

The high-end Biograph Infiniti Biofeedback is an 8-channel Biofeedback manufactured by the company.
Thought Technology. Unlike the generally offered (cheapest) 2-channel versions, biofeedback allows you to take data from 8 channels (sensors) simultaneously. Thanks to such a large number of channels, it is possible to both train several parameters, make a detailed diagnosis for stress and download data for scientific research.

HRV Suite

Specialized Biofeedback software from Thought Technology giving the ability to perform breath diagnosis and train different forms of breathing, such as diaphragmatic breathing.

Physiology Suite

Another program supported by Biofeedback that allows the study of human physiology.

Stress Control

Modern software from Thought Technology tailored to the needs of modern man. The program is used to perform stress diagnosis and training to teach reduction and promote stress resistance.

Reaction Time

The ideal program for testing reaction time to stimuli. Thanks to the use of special sensors, it allows, together with Biofeedback, to create an amazing working tool useful min in sports, while driving a car and everywhere where success is determined by fractions of seconds.

HEG band

Biofeedback-compatible device from Thought Technology designed to facilitate brainwave training for people with autism and ADHD. Thanks to the technology used, the problem of artifacts created during movement that distort parameter readings is bypassed.


An innovative 8-channel transcranial stimulator with EEG function from Neuroelectris. It allows performing transcranial current stimulation at several points on the head. The EEG function allows EEG recording from 8 sensors at once. Unlike many products offered on the market, Neuroeletris' tDCS is certified as a medical device.

Eye Tracker

Eye Tracker Irisbond Duo is a certified device manufactured by Irisbond that gives the opportunity to train eye fixation with games.


Camertone sets from a series created by Barbara Angel (Romanowska) dedicated to the Deep Cell Music Therapy method. Made of special metal alloys in a way that allows for longer sound resonance.