For whom?

The project is dedicated to Students and retrainees. It allows for faster learning results by increasing the ability to assimilate knowledge. The use of transcranial stimulation gives the opportunity to expand the neuronal network in the brain in the area responsible for assimilation and processing of new knowledge. It is designed for people without intellectual deficits.

For what purpose is the Student+ program used?

Students, pupils planning quite demanding studies need a smoothly functioning brain to achieve the desired results. The human brain is exposed to constantly receiving more and more additional, often unnecessary information and uses up its daily resources to do so, leaving less and less room for learning the necessary content.
The pace of life and the amount of daily information processed by the brain has increased many times over the past decade or so, and never in human history has it been as high as it is now. The human brain takes a long time to evolve to process such a huge amount of stimuli.
However, the requirements at universities for young people are not diminishing. It is important to give young people a chance to assimilate all the knowledge necessary in the process of their education because their future depends on it.

What does it consist of?

Project Student + is a project from the Peak Performance Group that involves increasing short- and long-term memory capacity and synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain to accelerate the absorption of information.

Man is a lifelong learner.

Why take advantage of the Student+ project?


Because the Student + project provides an opportunity c to increase the potential of the human brain in this information overloaded world. This allows for better results when learning new content.
Achieving better results in a shorter period of time provides the opportunity for longer rest so important for maintaining mental balance. It also allows you to catch up faster due to illness, for example.

How can it help you?

The Student + Project can help you increase your brain's intellectual potential.


  • The need for increased effort
  • Need to catch up


  • Severe mental status disorder
  • Epilepsy

Session planning

The entire series is a series of 10 daily meetings lasting up to 50 minutes.
Occasionally, a 48h break between meetings is allowed.
If you want to repeat the cycle, a 3-4 month break is required.