Easy language

A person is able to learn 2 foreign languages in parallel.
It's never too late to learn a language. 


For whom?

  • For those studying or intending to study philology.
  • For those going to work abroad.
  • For students, high school graduates, college students.
  • For people with language learning problems.
  • For bilingual school students.

What does the project consist of?

The Easy Language Project exists thanks to the possibilities offered by transcranial stimulation equipment. It allows stimulation of points on the head responsible for language learning. The stimulation affects the stimulation of the formation of new neurons in this area, which in turn affects the rate of acquisition of new foreign language knowledge.
The Easy Language Project was created for people who need to master at least one foreign language at this point in their lives.
Easy Language is a project from the Peak Performance group and is designed for intellectually proficient people who need to increase their language potential.

For what purpose is the project used?

  • to master a foreign language faster and with less effort,
  • In order to better pass the baccalaureate or foreign language exam,
  • to reduce the time spent learning vocabulary and grammar.

A person is able to learn 2 foreign languages in parallel.
It's never too late to learn a language.

Why take advantage of the opportunities provided by Easy Language?


If you have the ability to learn languages more easily:

  • You will save the time spent on learning,
    You will increase your learning efficiency,
  • You will improve your linguistic abilities,
  • You will master more material in less time,
  • you will have a better chance of working in your dream country,
  • You will reduce the stress of communicating in a foreign language.

How can it help you?

Taking advantage of the Easy Language Project can help you master any foreign language in less time.


  • The need for intensive study of a foreign language
  • Problems with language learning


  • Severe mental status disorder
  • Epilepsy

Session planning

The entire series is a series of 10 daily meetings lasting up to 50 minutes.
Occasionally, a 48h break between meetings is allowed.
If you want to repeat the cycle, a 3-4 month break is required.